We love to explore the aesthetic and meditative quality of plants in any space.

Plants are pretty special. They have the ability to make us happier, healthier, more efficient and creative, they even clean the air we breathe AND they look stunning doing it! Sadly, our modern lifestyle have left us spending most of our time indoors.

I encourage you to let nature back in! and this is how!

Identify the area you want to green!

Interior plant styling | Courtyard garden | Residential garden |Balcony garden | Rooftop garden | Meditation garden

We begin the process with an initial site consultation, where we consider the design brief environmental factors etc. Using this information in conjunction with the design aesthetics of the space, a design concept will be created.

Finalising this process with a plant installation, styling and fit out, with all the sourcing and manufacturing done by us!


If plants are something you need in your life – say hello!